Patient List
Telemonica running on an iPad

When the coronavirus first broke out in Europe, I was approached by Dr Robin Ohannessian to lead his project to help doctors and hospitals deal with the overflow of patients requiring care. The goal behind Telemonica is to relieve doctors from the overflow of tasks they face on a day to day basis and assist them with the help of a surveying system

Telemonica offers doctors a solution to create surveys and to monitor their patients.

Telemonica allows doctors to create digital registries for health conditions and diseases to ease management and research. It allows doctors to comfortably use remote patient monitoring to improve follow-ups and collect relevant medical data to support quality and value-based healthcare

How it works

  • The doctor registers a patient with a defined protocol
  • The patient or caretaker answers a few questions on a regular basis
  • The doctor checks the answers and decides on what actions need to be taken

How we helped

Antoine and I built Telemonica from the ground up. Telemonica is a modern web app, with a front and a back end. Antoine took care of the back end side of things, as I made sure the front end was working correctly. We both helped with the project's timeline and progression.

The design and UX was also done by us with the Robin's guidance. Our team worked very hard to make Telemonica simple and functionnaly professionnal.

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