Remy Broun and Bernard Charl├Ęs
Me and Bernard Charles, CEO of Dassault-Systemes
Dassault's Catia allows plane manifactures to design the latest turbines.

I joined Dassault-Systemes as a software engineer in 2017 and worked at the company until 2020. I moved around working on Catia, Solidworks, Enovia and finally Exalead. During this period, I learned industry standards in programming and product management.

In 2019, I joined Exalead. An indexing subsidiary at Dassault-Systemes. Exalead used to be a direct competitor to Google I worked as a Front-End Engineer mostly working on dashboards and the internal product.

My work allowed clients to see the advancement of their projects via a Gantt chart integration.

What I learned

During these years at Dassault-Systemes, I learned all of the basics of Software Engineering. From Test Driven Development to Object Oriented Programing to System Design, I learned how to code efficiently. I also learned how to collaborate with a large team of developers. Dassault's products have very large codebases with millions of lines of code. I learned how to maintain and refactor my code so that my teammates could review and integrate new features.

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