Hi, I'm Remy Broun

I live in Paris, France

I am a Software Engineer at Apple



I want to put a ding in the universe.
Steve Jobs

What I do
During the day
Software Engineer
I work at Apple 🍏
While I'm not at Work
Data Scientist
Blockchain Research

I am a Software Engineer working currently at Apple in Paris. I was born in California where I lived for five years. I then lived in the UK for 5 years. At the age of 10, I moved to France, where I studied through high-school. After my high-school diploma I moved to Paris to study Engineering. I studied for two years at ECE Paris and was given the oportunity to work at a big French Tech company all while I finish my diploma. I worked at Dassault-Systèmes for three years until I finished my Masters degree. I was brought on at Apple as a International Software Engineer. I work on Testing and Quality Assurance for features that are specific to France.

On the side I have been a Freelancer since 2016. I build iOS apps, websites, Artificial Intelligence models and more. My major projects are displayed below. I have started many projects in the past with friends and fellow entrepreneurs from school.

  1. International Software Engineer Apple

    I am a Software Engeneer at Apple based in Paris. I focus on integrating an American product (that is the iPhone and Mac) to a French market. I help Apple make cultural decisions in order to enhance the French user experience.

  2. Software Engineer

    I was part of Dassault Système's R&D department working on the 3DExperience Platform. My area included on cache management, file download optimization and optimization algorithms. I have been working hard to maintain peak performance.

  3. Software Engineer

    METRON is a French CleanTech specialized in energy efficiency and improvement of industrial performance. We provide digital tools to our clients in order to optimize and accelerate their path to sustainability, efficiency and productivity. Worked on physical web technologies.

  4. Research Design Engineer

    In June 2016 I worked for the Energy Labs at UC Berkeley. I worked in the Fabrication Lab for 4 months working with Berkeley's best engineers and entrepreneurs to build a prototype for the Energy Labs. I built a miniature Lab digester using 3D technologies (CAD & 3D Printing). I built it from the ground up, including the electronics as well as the design.

  5. Master in Engineering

    I studied Computer Science in one of Paris's prestigious High Tech Schools, Ecole Centrale d'Electronique. I majored in Artificial Intelligence and more precisely Recurrent Neural Networks applied to automated Finance. My minors were Web Development and Programming. Graduated in 2020. Major in Computer Science

My One Huge Throbbing Vision

I am an entrepreneur at heart. I love business. I love being involved with progression. Moreover, I love being around crazy people (in a good way). The freedom of creating in an environment where failure is accepted allows me to excel.

I have worked for a start-up in the past. I have also worked for a large corporation (as present). Out of both environments I prefer working in a start-up. The freedom and the sense of responsability is much more appealing to me.

My ultimate dream is to start my own business. I see myself working with a team of passionate friends on projects that keep me up at night. I want to be constantly motivated and stimulated. I want to work hard for my clients, my employees and myself on missions that will influence change in society.





Amid the 2020 Coronavirus crisis, a fellow freelancer and I decided to take on a mission to help doctors and hospitals deal with the massive influx of patients. Telemonica is a web platform that allows doctors to create medical surveys for their patients. With the use of surveys, doctors can reduce large amounts of time they spend asking questions to their patients and spend that time with the patients in the most need. Alternatively, doctors can also detect deteriation of their patient's condition ahead of a regularly scheduled check-up.


2019 - 2020

A friend and I developped a Python Algorithm capable of detecting arbitrage opportunities across the multiple cryptocurrency platforms. Our application is blazing fast taking advantage of paralel processes allowing us to be quasi-instantaneous with our trades. We are currently developing this app for further integration of Brokers and additional Crypto Pairs.



In 2017, my friends and I gathered together with a goal in mind: Innovate museum guides. We wanted to replace the costly clunky museum audio guides with an app of our own Captain. The app used BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) to communicate with beacons placed all around the museum. We Built an app Prototype/MVP but failed to get find clients in the museum space. The app is still on standby.



In 2016, a fellow student and I decided to rebuild his app from ground up. The app was completely redesigned to give it a more modern touch and to make it more fluid. As an iOS Developer, I developed the front end of the project and integrated the back-end. We released the app in Fall 2016.


How will Blockchain initiate a Revolution in the Solar Industry ?
Energy grids have always been centralized. They have been owned by governments or big companies that have had complete control over the price, the source and the distribution of energy. These organizations have done a great job distributing terawatts of energy to millions of people simultaneously.
June 6, 2018 - 14 min read
Best way to visit Iceland for less than $700
In July 2018, my friend Antoine Lame and I visited Iceland. Our decision to visit this incredible Island came to us after seeing a lot of buzz on instagram and other medium posts. We wanted to see the incredible landscapes for ourselves and be out in nature for a whole week.
Jul 30, 2018 - 20 min read
Qu’est-ce en réalité le Capitalisme?
Il est difficile de trouver une bonne definition du terme capitalisme aujourd’hui. Souvent ce sujet est confondu avec d’autres termes comme “societe de consommation” ou bien “societe de sur-production”. En effet il y a une correlation entre le capitalisme et tous ces termes, mais elles ne sont seulement des causalites d’une societe capitaliste mal-regulee.
May 23 - 6 min read

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